Renaud BettinManager

Areas of expertise
  • Carbon neutrality strategy
  • Carbon offsetting and avoidance of avoided emissions
  • Mobilization of private and public economic actors
  • Training on climate change issues
  • School of Commerce and Development – 3A
  • BTS Business Communication – ISCOM
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Within Carbone 4, Renaud manages the Zero Net Emission activities that range from the creation of a method and an Alliance for Carbon Neutrality, through consulting missions. At the same time, he regularly intervenes with students as part of his classes or with adults during specific training on the climate; an educational dimension that makes its trademark. Renaud also remains very involved in the community sector and particularly that of development NGOs.


Previously, he worked for 9 years at the NGO GERES where he developed an expertise on the entire chain of carbon offsetting: from eligibility studies of carbon projects to the valuation of compensation units at within CSR policies of companies. In 2009, he was appointed head of the carbon offset program CO2Solidaire and developed the sphere of influence of the reference program. An experience that allowed him to initiate and develop the Info Compensation Carbon Resource Center. Driven by values ​​of solidarity and sharing, Renaud imagined and set up the Climate Solidarity movement by mobilizing many civil society actors and connecting the fight against climate change and contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals.

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