Roman LedouxManager

  • Missions: Forward-looking strategic studies, technical and economic studies, change management, training and group sessions, carbon assessment, tool and methodology development, action plans, leading working groups
  • Sectors: Energy and energy services, transport and mobility, industry, buildings and construction, local authorities and governments
  • Energy and Finance Degree, École Centrale de Nantes


At Carbone 4 Roman has contributed to implementation of carbon strategies for clients in all sectors of activity: shipping, passenger transport, media, luxury products, industry, construction and public works, energy distribution For clients in the public sector, he has conducted carbon assessments for the regional governments of Martinique, Auvergne and Ile-de-France, and for the territorial authorities of Saint Barthelemy.

Roman is an expert in the housing sector, with in-depth knowledge of building energy consumption, during construction and in operation. He has worked with many property owners and managers.

A member of the Mobility experts group at Carbone 4, Roman is also familiar with renewable energy issues and statistical databases. He follows current developments in mobility and construction.

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