A Word from the Associates

27 October 2016

Professionalism, imagination and creativity, passion and commitment: we have been true to these values from the beginnings of Carbone 4 in 2007. Thanks to our clients and the many assignments they have entrusted to us, our skills and expert knowledge have steadily grown. We have worked to our strengths: accompanying the energy transition of companies and organizations, financial institutions, and even States as they move towards a low carbon world. We have helped them to become more resilient in the face of ongoing climate change.

We are very proud to have contributed to developing new methods designed for different sectors of activity and for different types of organizations. Entrepreneurs, investors, bankers and local authority managers face the same challenges, but each needs specific tools.

Our hallmark is using the right kind of lense to focus on carbon and climate issues, linking physical data and economic reasoning to identify, communicate and share the key aspects of the problem to be tackled. We aim for clarity, simplicity and transparency, with a critical mind and in full independence. In the face of radically new and high stakes we must be able to challenge our habitual ways and accepted ideas, even if this is upsetting to some. It is for a good cause.  Doing nothing or pursuing business as usual will lead us straight into a brick wall.

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