Accord de Paris, we can still do it !

7 June 2017

Following several weeks of suspense, Donald Trump, on Thursday June 1st, expressed his will to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, provoking a media storm.

With this announcement, president Trump has done us a favor by providing us the opportunity and the resolve, now more than ever, to come together for the common good. French President Macron has reaffirmed his wish to take on the challenge and lead the fight against climate change. More than a year after signing the Paris Agreement, the future of our planet has taken a new historic turn. Meeting the goals of this agreement will not be simple; great creativity is needed to implement applicable solutions to economic, social and environmental issues. In any case, the movement has started, and promising initiatives are emerging in the financial sector. Just recently (on May 31st), a large majority of American oil company Exxon-Mobil’s shareholders voted in favor of a resolution that requires more transparency from the company regarding the resilience of its business-model. This standpoint is in line with the proposals made by the TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures) in the report published in December 2016 and supported by the global Financial Stability Board.

Action-oriented since its foundation, Carbone 4 is convinced that it is still possible to build a world resilient to climate change and that it will always be possible to limit its negative impacts. Our team is more mobilized than ever in the service of its partners and clients to rise to the challenge. Trump has given up on the challenge? Let’s take it on for him!

We can still do it!

The Carbone 4 team

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