Carbone 4 now an Observer of the Green Bond Principles

6 December 2016
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Carbone 4 has officially joined the “Impact Reporting” working group, one of four working groups established to help draft the enhancements of the Green Bond Principles (GBP) with the view of preparing the 2017 edition of the GBP. Carbone 4 notably looks forward to contributing its expertise in the measurement and communication of emissions avoided by infrastructure projects in the energy, transportation, building, and industrial sectors, with the aim of harmonizing methods and providing common guidelines available on the GBP platform. The quantification of avoided emissions provides an essential indicator of the impact of green bonds, and Carbone 4 is convinced that building a common set of calculation principles will help improve the credibility of the green bond market and pave the way for more low-carbon investments.

 To learn more about Carbone 4’s position on Green Bonds, read our response to the GBP consultation form available here.

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