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21 September 2018

Official mycris launch

Official mycris launch : An innovative tool to give you a preliminary analysis of your risks related to climate change   Carbone 4 has launched an innovative online tool to help you understand your company’s physical risks related to climate change. 

mycriscalculates preliminary risk scores based on your company’s exposure and vulnerability towards climate hazards.   

Storms, heat waves, droughts and floods are increasing in frequency and intensity globally. The economic consequences of these hazards are forcing companies to take climate risks seriously. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, in 2017, extreme climate events cost over 400 billion USD! In response to the knowledge gap concerning climate risks, mycrisprovides companies with an immediate pedagogical screening of their climate risk profile without the need for any confidential or sensitive information. mycrisfeatures include: 

  • A free trial demo of the tool
  • A risk cartography map for a given company
  • Risk ratings for seven distinct climate hazards
  • Risk scores for both low-emission and high-emission climate scenarios
  • Tailored climate change impact examples for a given company’s sector
  • A detailed methodology guide
  • A company-specific risk report

mycris is accessible here: 

The development of mycriswas supported by beta users including 6 international companies from the industrial, chemical and energy sectors, as well as the tourism and transport sectors thanks to Club Med and Fundaciòn Valencia Port. mycris is based on the scientific CRIS methodology, which stands for Climate Risk Impact Screening. This method has been developed by Carbone 4 and sponsored by major financial players thanks to the support of a high-level scientific expert committee. The risk scores calculated by mycrisare normalised and scaled between 0 and 99, with 99 representing the sector/country couple most vulnerable and most exposed to climate hazards. 

This scoring method enables you to quickly identify where your most vulnerable and exposed activities lie. For example, in the event of sea level rise, the electricity sector is most at risk, and even more so in insular states such as Hong Kong, North and South Korea, Australia and New-Zealand. Indeed, these countries are the most exposed to sea level rise (risk score of 99). As the electricity production sector heavily relies on long-term, specific and complex infrastructure that is most often located on the coast, sea level rise indeed affects this particular sector dramatically. 

A detailed explanation on mycris’s functionalitiescan be found here: 

The climate branch of the European Institute of Technology (EIT), Climate-KIC, has financed this innovative project, which enabled the development of the mycris tool.   

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Founded by Alain Grandjean and Jean-Marc Jancovici, Carbone 4 is a consulting firm specialized in climate change and the energy transition, accompanying public and private economic players thanks to its expertise.