November 2019

Doing your fair share for the climate?

The power and responsibility of individuals, businesses and the State in the fight against climate change

Even if environmentalism has undeniably increased in people’s minds in recent years, France is still far from managing the acceleration necessary to achieve the objectives set for the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Whose fault is it? Some say it is the consumers that need to adopt a more ecologically responsible behaviour, with common “small actions”, such as recycling. Others say it is the government and companies, because these big players have failed to present serious concrete results. In reality, the battle can only be won if it is fought on all fronts. To know who can act where, and how to manage the priorities, it is vital to have a good understanding of the orders of magnitude

  • What impact can we expect from these “small daily actions”?
  • What impact could radical change in individual behaviour have on a French citizen’s average carbon footprint?
  • What role should companies and the State play in the transition?


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