Christina Stuart



  • Double Master’s Degree in Environmental Science and Policy, Sciences Po Paris – Sorbonne University VI (Pierre-et-Marie Curie)
  • Physics Bachelor’s Degree, Sorbonne University VI (Pierre-et-Marie Curie)

Areas of expertise

Extra Financial Reporting
physical risks and adaptation
financial sector
energy industry
climate strategy

Christina has been a consultant at Carbone 4 since 2017, specialized in climate change mitigation and carbon topics. Thanks to her technical and political environmental training, Christina has developed expertise pertaining to the pluri-disciplinary energy-climate field. Notably, she has contributed to the development of greenhouse gas reduction strategies in several sectors such as, banking, retail and real estate.

Before joining Carbone 4, Christina gained professional experience in the private sector at EY in environmental consulting and at the institution for international cooperation GIZ GmbH in sustainable energy development in Africa, where she also published a study on the energy sector and climate change adaptation.