Clémence Lacharme

Senior Manager / Practice manager


  • Master Aménagement du territoire et prospective territoriale, Université Paris Sorbonne
  • Master Biodiversité, Ingénierie, Territoire , Université Panthéon Sorbonne

Areas of expertise

Real estate and construction industry
financial sector
water sector
manufacturing industry
cities and territories

Clémence Lacharme is senior manager at Carbone 4. Clémence has worked on a tool to measure the contribution of SRI funds to the energy transition and to climate change mitigation at both company and portfolio levels.

Clémence has also worked on several carbon footprint analyses. She worked on the carbon footprint of the City of Paris and has developed tools to measure CO2eq emissions for the population of Paris using the eco2climat and PAS 2070 methods.

She is a member of the Buildings and Finance expert groups at Carbone 4, and of the Carbon Impact Analytics team. She has developed methods for the waste and water sectors.

Before joining Carbone 4, Clémence worked as Head of Environment at Barclays RBB France where she implemented an Environmental Management System and monitoring carbon tools.


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