Clément Ory



  • 2016: Master’s Degree in Public Affairs – Energy Major – Sciences Po Paris
  • 2013: Rice University, Houston

Areas of expertise

energy industry
information and communication technologies
cities and territories

At Carbone 4, Clément works on evaluating the carbon impact of public infrastructure. Clément also conducts prospective studies to determine energy transition paths for public actors and companies. Clément regularly works with telecoms and ICT companies on their strategy and environmental evaluation of their IT products.

He is a member of the Carbone 4 expert groups on CO2 Strategy and Energy.

Before joining Carbone 4, Clément worked in a consulting company specialized in territorial planning and citizen participation. He oversaw a study on the conditions of development for participatory and citizen-driven renewable energy projects for the Regional Environment and Renewable Energy Agency (ARENE) in the Paris region. He was also an intern for the CSR Division of the French telecoms company Orange, where he implemented an Environmental Management System (EMS) at the company headquarters and contributed to the CDP questionnaire.

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