Jean-Baptiste Sultan



  • Master Affaires Publiques, Sciences Po Toulouse
  • Mastère Spécialisé « Innovation et Transformation des organisations », Centrale Paris

Areas of expertise

prospective analysis
change management
climate strategy

Jean-Baptiste joined Carbone 4 in June 2021, as a senior consultant and member of the Carbone 4 Académie team. Previously, he began his career in online banking before becoming an independent consultant in innovation and project management, then enriching his expertise by adding agility (the SCRUM framework in particular) and prospective design as head of development for an independent firm, while feeding his professional practices with his personal convictions on necessary sobriety, low-techs, raising awareness of the climate crisis and building livable and desirable futures.

He has solid experience in training, as a trainer for various schools (CentraleSupélec, HEC, ISG, Sup' des RH) or for some twenty companies, as a designer of training courses and serious games, and as a developer of training organizations.

As a manager, he is a member of the Mitigation practice and participates in various customer service and research projects. He also spent 2 years helping to develop the Carbone 4 Academy and its training courses, and remains an Empreinte Carbone trainer.