Julie Daunay



  • Engineering Degree, École Centrale de Nantes
  • Master’s Degree in Renewable Energies, Industrial Engineering School, University of Valencia, Spain

Areas of expertise

Real estate and construction industry
raw materials market
manufacturing industry
climate strategy

Julie is a memnber of Carbone 4 since 2012. She is co-leader of the Carbon neutrality practice and head of the recruitment.

Julie has worked for 3 ½  years now with a large number of organizations in the buildings sector, including property managers, social housing landlords, promoters, builders and materials supplies. She is an expert on energy and climate issues and has helped organizations identify their constraints, levers for action and ways to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. She has helped building organization with their low carbon strategies and communication on the advantages of their products and development projects. She was in charge of a multi-client study on the development of construction with wood in France.

Julie is in charge of the experts group on buildings at Carbone 4.

She has worked on prospective studies: on energy demand and associated emissions in France in 2040; on the impact of shale gas development in the USA; on the competitiveness of French chemical industries.


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