Sandrine Bonfand

Senior Consultant


  • Engineering degree in Food Industry, Agrocampus Ouest (Rennes)

Areas of expertise

Food industry

Sandrine joined Carbone 4 as a senior consultant in January 2023. Relying on her experience of project leader, she assists food and agriculture companies in building and setting up their climate strategy.

Before that, she worked for 10 years in Savencia group, firstly dedicated to the chocolate brand Valrhona, then working for the new brands of the Gourmet department. By combining I&D and sales functions in various jobs, she developed her expertise for the food and gastronomy sector. This experience led her to interact with a lot of customers, with varied types and nationalities. In 2020, she joined the innovation team for leading projects of concept creation.

At the same time, she learnt about the agricultural sector, with a specific interest in the evolution of the practices, and also for its main actors and how the subindustries of the food sector are organized and connected between each other.

Sensitive to the environment challenges, she now takes advantage of this knowledge for supporting a sector that is at the core of the climate topics: the food sector, from farm to fork. She helps its stakeholders in building their decarbonization and adaptation strategies to face climate change.