mycris : a new tool to help companies measure the commercial impact of climate change

4 September 2018

Carbone 4 to launch its climate change risk screening online tool “mycris” 

Carbone 4 has developed an innovative online tool to help you understand your physical risks towards climate change. “mycris” enables a company to conduct a preliminary climate risk rating based on their company’s exposure and vulnerability towards climate hazards, such as severe storms, droughts and sea-level rise.

mycris is based on the scientific CRIS methodology, which stands for Climate Risk Impact Screening, developed by Carbone 4 and sponsored by major financial players thanks to the support of a high-level scientific expert committee.

Without the need for neither sensitive nor confidential data, the mycris web tool can provide you with tailored insight on your company’s risks.

mycris features include:

  • A free trial demo of the tool
  • A risk cartography visual map
  • Risk ratings for seven distinct climate hazards
  • Risk ratings for a low-emission and high-emission climate scenario
  • Climate change impact examples for your company’s sector
  • A detailed methodology report
  • Didactic downloadable results
  • A tailored company risk report

The climate branch of the European Institute of Technology (EIT), Climate-KIC, has financed this innovative project and enabled the development of the “mycris” tool.


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