Carbone 4 congratulates the winners of the « Reinventing Cities » international competition

22 May 2019

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Launched by the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, “Reinventing Cities” is an unprecedented global competition aiming to spur innovative low-carbon and resilient urban regeneration.

As buildings represent more than 50% of cities’ greenhouse gas emissions, 15 world cities decided to participate in this competition and prove exemplary in terms of decarbonized developments, including: Auckland, Chicago, Houston, Madrid, Milan, Montreal, Oslo, Paris, Portland, Reykjavik, San Francisco and Vancouver.

Carbone 4 was selected to develop the methodology and conduct the environmental analyses for this competition. Considering the importance of urbanization and how to use infrastructure to create tomorrow’s world, Carbone 4 analysed each project across eight environmental challenges:

  1. Site energy efficiency and supply of clean energy
  2. Sustainable materials management, the circular economy and waste
  3. Green mobility and transport
  4. Climate change adaptation and resilience
  5. Integration of green services in the neighbourhood
  6. Green growth and Smart Cities development
  7. Sustainable water management
  8. Biodiversity, urban re-vegetation and agriculture

After a first phase dedicated to selecting finalist teams, the second phase city juries are currently underway and winners are being announced. The first winning teams from Madrid, Milan, Oslo, Paris and Reykjavik have been unveiled at the Urban Future Global Conference in Oslo 22nd May.

We are proud to know that all winning teams aim for serious emission reductions compared to Business-As-Usual situations in their respective regions.

Indeed, 2/3 of winning teams even aim to be carbon neutral or carbon positive – emitting net zero emissions! 70% of winners aim to achieve an energy positive status – producing more green energy than their own demand. In terms of climate change resilience, all winners have integrated adaptation strategies against flooding, caused by sea level rise and increased storm intensities. Where there is a risk related to droughts and water scarcity, winning teams have integrated water saving measures and increased green surface coverage to reduce risks related to rising temperatures. Together, the winners will create over 100 000m2 of green surface dedicated to gardens, green terraces, rooftop gardens and urban agricultural land.

Follow the competition results: #ReinventingCities #Cities4Climate


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