Aurélien SchullerSenior consultant

Areas of expertise
  • Sector-based skills: Transports and mobility, buildings, energy and energy services, industry
  • Business skills: Forward-looking energy studies, technical and economic studies, GHG emissions footprints, designing dedicated methodologies and tools,
  • Engineering Degree – École Polytechnique
  • Master’s Degree in Economics of Sustainable Development and Energy – IFP School & CEA

A graduate of École Polytechnique and a Master of Economics from CEA and IFP-School specializing in the energy and climate sectors, Aurélien has been working at Carbone 4 for three years.

Aurélien is a member of the Mobility practice within the firm. He carried out several technico-economic forward-looking studies, in particular in the field of electric vehicles, among which:

Expert in French public energy policies, Aurélien also conducts studies about the energy system, across all sectors, to evaluate the efficiency of various energy transition measures.

Before joining Carbone 4, Aurélien worked for one year in The Shift Project, a think-tank on the energy transition. He has conducted forward-looking studies with full modeling of the energy system. He has also designed a serious game for economic policymakers, based on European energy infrastructures.

His previous professional experience focused on thermal renovation. He worked on a multi-client study aiming at determining the technical, financial and legal requirements of large-scale renovation of publicly owned buildings in France (nearly 300 million m2).

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