Célia FoulonConsultant

Areas of expertise
  • Climate performance
  • Carbon balance
  • CDP : sustainable performance guidance
  • Carbon impactreport portfolios
  • Calculating avoidable emission
  • Diploma in agricultural engineering (AgroParisTech, ex INA-PG), with a specialization in company productivity and food industries.
  • 6 months at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE or BME), with a concentration in economics and social sciences.
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Célia joined the Carbone 4 team in March 2018 as a consultant.

She is a general engineer and she complemented her education with an economic specialization, giving her a systemic understanding of the companies’ challenges, with a field vision brought by her engineering background and an economic vision brought by her specializations.

Before joining Carbone 4, Célia was working with start-ups. she worked for Gifts for Change, a socially-minded start-up, to source and produce responsible products. During this experience, she was also in charge of defining the presentation of the brand and its environmental commitment marketing.

Célia has also worked with PHENIX to set up a bio-waste recovery network for local businesses in order to limit food waste.

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