Fanny DeschampsConsultant

Fanny Deschamps Photo
Areas of expertise
  • Energy
  • Carbon Footprint
  • Calculating avoidable emissions
  • ISAE-Supaero, specialization energy, transport and environment
  • Student of the T-camp 2019, course on the issues of an ecological and social transition

Fanny joined the Carbone 4 team in June 2019 as a consultant.

She graduated from ISAE-Supaero, as a general engineer specialized in energy, transport and environment, as well as in the science of decision-making.

At Carbone 4, she participates in the environmental evaluation of public and private investments and calculates carbon footprints for companies and local authorities.

During her studies, Fanny had an experience in a start-up which offered wooden houses with photovoltaic panels. She complemented her education with an immersive course questioning the issues of an ecological and social transition.

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