The Carbon Impact of Investments in Mirova Equity

30 November 2015


30/11/2015 – Mirova is publishing the first measurement of its equity portfolios’ carbon impact. They total € 2.8 billion and 47% of its assets under management, in accordance with the commitments made as part of the Montreal Carbon Pledge and the Portfolio Decarbonization Coalition. This measurement has been carried out using Carbon Impact Analytics, an innovative methodology co-developed with Carbone 4, which emphasises:

–  Emissions induced by the activity of investees on their overall scope of responsibility, from cradle to grave,
–  Emissions avoided through the implementation of low-carbon strategies.

The consolidated equity Portfolio presents induced emissions that are less than half that of a European benchmark (97 tCO2/M€ vs. 222 tCO2/M€). This performance owes its strength mainly to the absence of very high-carbon companies (coal or oil) in all of Mirova’s portfolios.

As for its European environmental strategy, Mirova presents avoided emissions that are more than three times higher than the benchmark (-43 tCO2/M€ vs. -12 tCO2/M€), thanks to investments specifically targeting leading companies providing low-carbon solutions. This particular investment strategy illustrates Mirova’s determination to be aligned with a scenario in which the rise in temperatures does not exceed the 2°C threshold.

Download the file.

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