CSR commitments

No one works at Carbone 4 by chance. Our team is composed of impassioned and enthusiastic individuals.

Our professional commitment reflects the individual commitment of each member of the team.

We are committed to implementing a series of actions in our premises to reduce our footprint, a process that we’re constantly improving.

We promote initiative-taking, autonomy and continuous training in the team.

Since we consider gender equality to be a fundamental issue, we implemented the Equality reference function 2019.

Carbon leadership

  • Food: vegetarian meals by default for meals organized by Carbone 4, provision of reusable boxes for lunches, responsible purchasing policy for coffee, tea, cookies, chocolate, etc.
  • Offices: set temperature of 19°C in offices, plaid available, individualized heating per radiator for the building, participation in the Cube competition
  • Digital: limit renewal of computer equipment, purchase reconditioned equipment
  • Travel: 100% reimbursement of public transport pass, sustainable mobility package for cyclists, teleworking encouraged, choice of train for travel in France and Europe, choice of exceptional air transport
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HR policy and parity

  • Employee loyalty:
    • 100% permanent employment contracts – recruitment of trainees
    • Multiculturally open
    • Staff incentive scheme
  • Female 48% – male 52% parity for the Carbone 4 Group (including Carbon4Finance)
  • Nomination of Gender Equality delegates (2 delegates and 2 substitutes)
  • EgaPro index 2022: 94/100

Quality of life at work

  • Autonomy, confidence and good will between the employees
  • Skills enhancement: weekly courses (coaching, improvisation, sales negotiation, etc.) organized by a professional, training at each grade level and fortnightly contributions from external experts
  • Work-life balance: telecommuting and part-time work encouraged, yoga classes co-financed, break room for relaxation and naps
  • Conviviality and sharing: Christmas dinner, two annual seminars to get together, fortnightly "the Tuesday Stimuli" for exchanging and sharing knowledge

Sponsorship / contribution to public debate

  • Carbon fottprint of Oasis for the Colibris movement
  • Carbon footprint of an organic market gardener using animal traction
  • Carbon footprint and avoided emissions for the Maison de l’Artemisia
  • Writing of the publication « Is the French government giving itself the means to achieve its ambitions ? » for "l’Affaire du Siècle"
  • Writing of numerous publications to shed light on energy-climate issues (available from the Resources tab)