Precise and ambitious climate action
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Carbone 4 assists the transformation of organisations in their decarbonization, adaptation to climate change and the restoration of biodiversity.

Our consulting firm offers a wide range of expertise to help set up pertinent and efficient climate strategies.

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Our missionat Carbone 4

Carbone 4 assists the transformation of the world towards decarbonization and adaptation to climate change. We’re making the connection between scientific excellence and the business world, by helping our clients to understand tomorrow’s world with clarity and enthusiasm.

Our mission: guiding and clarifying the outlooks of our clients regarding strategies that ensure durability and resilience in a world subject to a changing climate and finite resources.

An overview of Carbone 4

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Innovation& projects

Innovation is at the core of Carbone 4’s DNA: we carry out constant research and development activities structured around the technological, ecological, economic and financial dimensions of energy transition.


The training offered by Carbone 4 follows a rigorous, interactive and innovative pedagogical approach to the challenges of decarbonization and adaptation to climate change. Our programs aim to give an overall view of the issues linked to energy and the climate, and to transmit concrete methods and tools with which to act.

Build your company climate road map
Mastering climate issues and greening your organization.
Carbon footprint
Learn how to calculate your carbon footprint through concrete case studies.
Adaptation to the impacts of climate change
Understand and apply the OCARA methodology to prepare your company for climate change.
Become a climate finance expert
SDFR, Taxonomy, Article29: knowledge and tools for the finance professions (banking, insurance, asset management, investors, etc.).
Sustainable Supply Chain
Sustainable Supply Chain – Anticipating climate-related risks
Build your biodiversity roadamp
Master the methodological and regulatory frameworks relating to biodiversity
Eco-anxiety and eco-emotions
Eco-anxiety and eco-emotions: better understanding your emotions to unleash your power to act
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Join usat Carbone 4

Motivated by the values of commitment, integrity and audacity, the members of the Carbone 4 team are passionate about and expert in their subjects.

Each year, new talents join the team’s ranks in our different areas of expertise.