A new approach to personal carbon balance


To accelerate the transition of company employees as well as that of private individuals, Carbone 4 has developed a new vision of the personal carbon balance, making our methodological rigour available to the greatest number via an interactive conference on awareness and commitment.

The goal of the MyCO2 is to explain complex subjects and the magnitudes of the carbon footprint through the prism of personal life, an ideal way to clarify the subtleties of carbon with simplicity.

The keys to success of MyCO2 can be summed up in 4 words: Fun, No finger pointing, Nuanced, Collective

MyCO2 is aimed at:

  • Companies, public organisations & associations to spread awareness and commitment among employees,
  • Members of the public via free interactive conferences for private individuals,
  • Any person wishing to mobilise and make aware their entourage via the MyCO2 ambassador program.

Large scale deployment can be ensured via conferences coordinated by Carbone 4 or via the training of ambassadors in the structure.