Innovation & projects

Since its foundation, innovation has been at the core of Carbone 4’s DNA. The unprecedented nature of the challenge demands the creation of new approaches and their constant improvement. After having developed the Carbon Balance, an international reference method used to assess the carbon footprint of an organisation, our team has constantly innovated on subjects linked to neutrality, resilience, finance, analytical carbon accounting, and the 2°C outlook. Every year, we develop our portfolio of methods and tools to better respond to the questions that companies ask us.

Analysis of the carbon footprint of investment portfolios and associated transition risks
Net Zero Initiative
The corporate reference for carbon neutrality
A new approach to personal carbon balance
The platform that gathers all the climatic indicators for the infrastructures sector
IF Initiative
Reconciling corporate strategy and Climate-Resources challenges
Le Hub
The Hub of low carbon clients in the construction industry
Climate Risk Impact Screening, analysis of the physical risks of climate change aimed at financial actors
Operational Climate Adaptation & Resilience Assessment - the reference analysis of the resilience of companies to climate change impacts