the Hub of low carbon clients in the construction industry.

The Hub

What is the Hub ?

In order to support the ordering parties of the construction sector (owners, engineering offices, construction companies) to develop low carbon solutions, the Institut Français pour la Performance du Bâtiment (IFPEB) and Carbone 4 have set up the Hub of low carbon ordering parties..

This collaborative platform gives access to its participants to an array of tools, targeted services and information by family of iso-functional materials. It also ensures the training of operational executives and permits the exchange of analyses and feedback. The declared objective of this platform is to set up an expert community equipped with highly operational tools, consolidate a low carbon culture in the profession and inform it of the optimum carbon/cost.

Learn more about the Hub on the IFPEB website.

Join the Hub

To join the Hub, you can contact us directly at these addresses:,

A presentation brochure with membership details is available here:

The Hub's publications

All the latest information and publications of the Hub are available on its Linkedin page.

April 2020 – The Hub of low carbon clients in the construction industry, key messages

Discover the publication Le Hub des prescripteurs bas carbone – Les messages clés, in which the Hub formulates its first insights to the various players in the building and real estate sector and shares its 2020 roadmap.

The sector briefs

The aim of the Hub’s sector briefs is to present the state of the art of a sector, its main objectives, its low carbon trajectory for 2030 and 2050, and its contribution to low carbon construction. The briefs also give an opportunity to compile a “low carbon innovation book”, with a map of the actors and a panorama of best practices.

Full versions of the briefs are reserved for the Hub’s members. The summary versions are made public.

1st sector brief (December 2020), its innovation book and the webinar replay.

The Hub's barometer

An analysis and follow-up of the data published in these two key databases appear every month to fuel collective and positive competition between actors in the construction sector:

  • The main results and key figures are taken into account
  • The best solutions are highlighted
  • Also highlighted are the improvements made by industrial companies and the different materials sectors

The first edition (february 2021).

The Hub's members

Carbone 4 hub members