July 2019

Is the maritime sector sailing towards decarbonization?

Authors : Stéphane Amant, Clément Ramos, Jean-Pierre Husson

The international maritime industry plays a central role in the way our economy works based on the transcontinental trading of goods.

Just like the international air transport industry, it has long been absent from international discussion on climate-related issues, as a result players in the sector have adopted a wait-and- see approach to the matter over the past few decades. The tide, however, is now turning, and the International Maritime Organization, along with a number of key players in the sector, is showing a certain willingness to take action to fight climate change, but between these grand statements of intent and the operational reality of the situation, what exactly does the current picture look like? Would we be right to think that only technological means will allow us to make the low-carbon transition on the required scale? What link might be established between the fight against climate change and the fight against local air pollution?

Check out our publication on the maritime transport, written in collaboration with Bertin Energie Environnement, for a clearer overview of the situation.

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Portrait of Stéphane Amant
Stéphane Amant
Portrait of Clément Ramos
Clément Ramos
Portrait of Jean-Pierre Husson
Jean-Pierre Husson
Bertin Energie Environnement·Senior Consultant