Clément Ramos



  • Graduate, École Centrale de Lyon
  • Master of Engineering Management, Duke University

Areas of expertise

prospective analysis
aeronautic industry
financial sector
energy industry
transport sector
business strategy

Since joining Carbone 4 in July 2014, Clément has conducted several market and industry sector studies, and impact analyses (finance and energy sectors). Clément leads the Mobility focus group at Carbone 4, and contributes to the Energy working group.

Some projects led by Clément:

– French biogas industry analysis (anaerobic digestion) for a consortium of leading industrial companies in this sector: identifying impediments and levers for development, and the types of production sites that should be supported by the authorities, considering GHG emission reductions,  trade balance, etc.

– Prospective analysis in the aeronautics sector on energy supply and demand trends for major organizations in this sector.

– Study of the costs and avoided emissions for renewable electricity production in several regions of the world.

– Studies focusing on the building renovation market and related industries, addressing economic, technical, energetic and social issues involved in the development of a low carbon building industry.


Before joining Carbone 4, Clément worked for four years in a major consulting firm where he was involved in strategy projects for the retail industry and conducted several operational and commercial performance analyses in the energy industry.


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