January 2019

Business Strategy - Case Study of the Steel Industry: Scenario Analysis

Following our publication presenting the scenario analysis, a powerful tool for analyzing the resilience of your company's activity, discover our case study on the steel sector. 

On which foundations can companies make their strategic decisions in a changing world? 

How can scenario analysis be a powerful tool to help companies perform well in the medium and long term? 

The degraded situation of the planet calls into question the limits of a societal model built on massive energy consumption at the origin of global warming. For decision makers, making the right strategic decisions in a constrained and deeply changing world is a challenge.

The scenario analysis is a powerful tool that can help them adapt to this new situation. How are downside markets deformed in a low-carbon world? How are the industrial tools evolving to meet the climatic expectations? What are the risks to be anticipated and the opportunities to be seized in a changing market? 

Carbone 4 invites you to explore its analysis by physical flow scenario on a concrete case: the steel sector.

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