Stéphane Amant

Co-director of IF Initiative


  • Engineering Degree, French National School of Aeronautics and Space (Supaéro)
  • PhD in Fluid Dynamics

Areas of expertise

prospective analysis
methodology development
aeronautic industry
wine industry
energy industry
transport sector
climate strategy

Arrived at Carbone 4 in March 2008, Stéphane has extensive experience based on the needs expressed by our clients, and the challenges they face. He has in-depth knowledge of energy and climate issues. In the course of the various missions he has carried out, Stéphane has developed expertise in transportation (all modes) and energy, as well as in aviation and the wine industry. To meet his clients’ needs, Stéphane draws upon multiple skills: prospective analysis, methodology development, action plans and strategic roadmaps, and his experience leading multi-stakeholder approaches, and in stakeholder communication.

Before joining Carbone 4, Stéphane spent nine years at Airbus where he held engineering positions in calculation methods and as R&D manager for preliminary project work. Stéphane is also a member of ASPO France, an association that follows the topic of peak fossil fuel production.

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