Areas of expertise

Acknowledged expertise regarding the energy challenges of climate change, from decarbonization to adaption to physical and strategic risks.

Since 2007, Carbone 4 has assisted the transformation of the world towards decarbonization and adaption to climate change. We help our clients to set up pertinent and efficient climate strategies, so they can benefit from our acknowledged expertise, our experience of different sectors, and our leading-edge methodologies.

Our wide range of services is growing constantly thanks to our permanent innovation and our in-depth understanding of the economic and environmental situation of a changing world.

Two fundamental orientations of work

Backed by the experience acquired with several hundred clients since it was founded, Carbone 4 assists companies throughout their value chains.

It is necessary to review the products sold, the markets, production processes and organisations, investments and purchases, and of course management rules, competences and knowhow.

Carbone 4 assists you to review your entire climate strategy:

  • reduce your environmental impact, by managing the reduction of your greenhouse gas emissions in the long-term, to contribute to global carbon neutrality;
  • reduce the impact of climate change on your activities, by assisting your company’s adaptation to climate change by anticipating its exposure and vulnerability to strategic and physical risks.

Areas of sectoral expertise

Since it was founded, Carbone 4’s knowledge of the challenges specific to each component of the economy has grown constantly, so that it can now offer consultants specialised in forever more sectors of activity.

Methodologies, projects and innovation

Since its foundation, innovation has been at the core of Carbone 4’s DNA. The unprecedented nature of the challenge demands the creation of new approaches and their constant improvement. After having developed the Carbon Balance, an international reference method used to assess the carbon footprint of an organisation, our team has constantly innovated on subjects linked to neutrality, resilience, finance, analytical carbon accounting, and the 2°C outlook. Every year, we develop our portfolio of methods and tools to better respond to the questions that companies ask us.

Carbon4 Finance

Carbon4 Finance is a provider of climate, carbon and biodiversity data, that supplies the financial sector with vital data for evaluating the new risks that climate change represents for companies, so that they can comply with regulatory declarations and build the low-carbon investment strategies desired by investors.


Identified as an essential prerequisite of pertinent action, training has always been at the heart of Carbone 4’s mission. We want to help you understand the climate and energy challenges of today and tomorrow, and the possible elements of response, so you can act in favour of a low carbon world and manage the henceforth inevitable share of the impacts of past emissions as well as possible.

Carbone 4’s training offer provides a rigorous, interactive and innovative pedagogical approach to the challenges of decarbonization, and how to manage the inevitable impacts of climate change.