Industrial companies are directly concerned by anticipating climate change and building a low carbon economy because they transform materials, perform complex processes and produce manufactured goods. They are also at the centre of globalised logistics and call for long-term investments.

The questions asked are varied: what are my direct and indirect emissions and how can I reduce them? What is the impact of low carbon transformation on my products and services, and how can I lay out a path of resilience for my activities? How can I adapt my industrial system and my supply chain to a changing climate?

These issues can call into question the company’s technical and decision-making processes, its strategy, positioning and services, its relations with investors, suppliers, clients, and more generally its relationship with the common good and civil society.

Our assistance

Backed by its knowhow, Carbone 4 assists actors in industry to consider their operational and strategic challenges with respect to resilience to climate change, in particular the management of physical risks. This strategic reflection is also aimed at understanding how to respond to the different requirements of the stakeholders of the activity in question in a low carbon world.

Carbone 4 has a large number of industrial references in every sector and it has the expertise necessary to assist them to overcome all the challenges of low carbon transition and adapting to climate change.