Our energy system is based on fossil fuels: coal, oil, gas and their derivatives make up 80% of our global energy supply. The utilisation of these energies renders valuable services in every sector of the economy, but it also greatly contributes to climate change. For example, 70% of greenhouse gases in France comes from fossil fuels.

The commitments of the international community, resulting from the imperative need to combat climate change, require the substantial and fast reduction of global emissions from 4 to 7% a year according to the scenario. Regarding the energy sector, this entails an unprecedented transition to conform to this trajectory of a long and significant decrease in the consumption of fossil fuels. At the same time, this trend must be combined with faster development of low carbon energies and a transition towards business models built around more sober energy use.

Our assistance

At the heart of this revolution, Carbone 4 assists its clients throughout the energy value chain, from production to consumption. Our aim is to help them to define an energy strategy in line with climate targets to ensure resilience and ensure the economic sustainability of their activity.

To do this, we rely on acknowledged expertise in defining strategic roadmaps, forecasts, action plans, technical-economic analyses and sectoral studies.

Carbone 4 uses its knowhow to assist all the actors according to their specific challenges, guide their reflection and help them to respond to issues such as:

  • What is the carbon footprint of my energy offer? How can I situate it in relation to the performance of my competitors? How can I reduce it?
  • Is the company’s energy strategy aligned with the 2°C target of the Paris Agreement? Does it respond in particular to the expectations of my stakeholders, employees and investors?
  • What are the orientations of public policies on energy transition in France and the world?