Alexandre Joly



  • Master of Engineering at Supélec
  • Master of Science at Imperial College « Algorithm, Machine Learning & Big Data »

Areas of expertise

due diligence
energy industry
retail industry
business strategy
industry sector

At Carbone 4 since november 2017, Alexandre manages the Energy Practice, and belongs as well to the Strategy Practice. He’s working mostly on 5 topics:

Energy prospective: how is the energy system evolving in a low-carbon economy?
Alexandre has worked on multi-sectoral prospective projects (building, transport, industry, …) and multi-energy vector (electricity, gas, biomass, …).

Energy production sectors, fossil and carbon-free: what are the economic, climatic, geopolitical and environmental advantages and disadvantages? What are the limits of resources, reserves, access, social acceptability?
Alexandre has analyzed multiple sectors: biomethane, pyrogasification, methanation, hydrogen, wind power, photovoltaics, wood, liquid biofuels, LNG, etc.

Strategy: how to rethink your business model in a low-carbon world?
Alexandre has helped major industrial groups in identifying business opportunities and risks through scenario analysis.

Retail: how to build a carbon accounting that is both granular and operational to generate concrete reduction actions on its product portfolio? How to rethink this portfolio to provide consumers an offer compatible with a world in transition?
Alexandre has elaborated data models and methodologies enabling the implementation of carbon accounting at the level of hundreds of thousands of references. He has also developed a “category management” approach to maximize meaning and environmental benefits while protecting margins and volumes.

Finance: how to massively redirect financial flows towards green investments in the sector of infrastructure?
Alexandre has built 2°C alignment methodologies for infrastructure portfolios (CIARA).




Strategy consulting (E.g.: strategy due diligence, product portfolio strategy)

Capgemini Consulting

Management consulting (E.g.: reorganization plans, change management)

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