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7 September 2018

2018 SRI Global Capital Prize: Carbone 4 praised for its Expertise on Sustainable Bonds Evaluation

Carbone 4 was awarded the 2018 ‘Most Impressive Environmental Impact Consultant' Award from Global Capital.  

This award, resulting from a vote of investors, banks and issuers of Green & Sustainable Bonds, rewards the work done by Carbone 4 through its consulting activities (impact reportings) and climate ratings (Carbon4 Finance). 

Since its creation, Carbone 4 has developed several innovative methods, tools and databases that allow economic players to measure the climate impact of their financing or investments, expressed in terms of avoided emissions or compliance with Paris Agreement’s targets. Carbone 4 consulting teams have worked for institutional or corporate clients such as the Agence France Trésor on the evaluation of the allocation of funds of the French Sovereign green bond or for the SNCF, the French national railways network, for whom Carbone 4 has developed an innovative methodology for calculating emissions induced and avoided by its renovation projects.

Carbone 4 is pleased to note that many of its clients and partners were also recognized with awards by Global Capital during the same ceremony. Carbon4 Finance's climate rating teams provide international investors with independent assessments of the climate impact of the green bonds available on the market and provide solutions to calculate the alignment of their portfolios with the Paris Agreement. Investors and institutionnals using Carbon4 Finance datasets now represent € 2,6 trillion in assets under management. 

"This is a strong acknowledgment from financial market players who value the innovative and thorough approach implemented by Carbone 4 on climate issues", Alain Grandjean, Chairman of Carbone 4

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Founded by Alain Grandjean and Jean-Marc Jancovici, the Carbone 4 group supports economic and financial players in their transition to a low-carbon economy that is resilient to climate change."Download the presse release"