The Carbone 4 training center

Carbone 4 Academy

Identified as an essential prerequisite for pertinent action, training has always been at the heart of Carbone 4’s mission. We help to understand the climate and energy challenges of today and tomorrow, and the possible elements of response, so that you can then act in favour of a low carbon world and manage as well as possible the inevitable share of impacts from past emissions.

In order to reach the goal of decarbonization and global neutrality, advising a few companies will not be enough, it is imperative to massify knowledge and act on a large scale. Deeply committed to this mission, our work makes sense through sharing and training. We believe that the experience acquired by Carbone 4 must be able to serve society and guide it towards a low-carbon world.

The Carbone 4 Academy offers a rigorous, interactive and innovative pedagogical approach to the challenges of decarbonization and managing the inevitable impacts of climate change.

The training courses are intended for people who wish to include climate issues in their professional reflection. They are presented in the form of inter-company programs or customised training courses to respond to your needs as closely as possible.

The training offers:

  • Climate and companies
  • Climate and finance
  • Business climate resilience - OCARA methodology