Carbone 4 Academy

The Carbone 4 training center: pragmatic and interactive training programs to better understand and act on climate change

  • Between 15 and 20 hours of training per month
  • Eligible for OPCO funding
  • 95% of participants feel better equipped to take action in their organization in the face of climate change
Alumni of the Carbone 4 Academy in the world
Speakers from Carbone 4 teams
Years of experience in consulting and training
Qualiopi certification year

Our inter-company training courses

Build your company climate road map
Mastering climate issues and greening your organization.
Carbon footprint
Learn how to calculate your carbon footprint through concrete case studies.
Adaptation to the impacts of climate change
Understand and apply the OCARA methodology to prepare your company for climate change.
Become a climate finance expert
SDFR, Taxonomy, Article29: knowledge and tools for the finance professions (banking, insurance, asset management, investors, etc.).
Sustainable Supply Chain
Sustainable Supply Chain – Anticipating climate-related risks
Build your biodiversity roadamp
Master the methodological and regulatory frameworks relating to biodiversity

Our individual courses

Eco-anxiety and eco-emotions
Eco-anxiety and eco-emotions: better understanding your emotions to unleash your power to act

Pedagogical approach

  • Trainers who are experts in the ecological transition: we answer all your questions thanks to Carbone 4's unique experience
  • The acquisition of operational skills: practical case studies and group exercises during virtual classes with your peers
  • A simple, customised platform: access your personalised training workspace for an unlimited period of time
  • Cécile Cordonnier

    Climate and Environment Project Manager at SMCP

    " If I already had a vision of the textile industrial sector, the training on carbon allows me to associate it with a vision of the greenhouse gas emissions on which this sector depends and therefore to understand more quickly the objectives to be set and the solutions to be put in place. This is a double benefit! "

  • Christophe Terrien

    Industrial risk expert at Ariane Group

    "The training enabled me to understand, frame and grasp the specific codes associated with the transition of the economic and industrial world. I was able to build a case through a prism that is familiar to me: that of risks. I can only invite anyone wishing to steer a corporate climate strategy to follow these training modules! "

  • Claire de Marchi

    Responsable RSE chez MACIF

    "I loved these courses! The training content is based on scientific facts, with very clear support materials. The speakers are experts in their field, and take the time to answer all questions. Finally, the practical application was really valuable: for example, applying very concretely the calculation of a carbon footprint, going into this level of detail... It showed the complexity of the work/sites to be carried out. "