Agriculture and agribusiness

The agricultural sector and more generally the entire agribusiness industry is responsible for about a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions (J. Poor and T. Nemecek, 2018).


Beyond this alarming figure, climate change must be added to the list of many hurdles facing the sector (pollution, the collapse of biodiversity, etc.) and entails a series of challenges:

  • Soil infertility is spreading, climatic hazards are becoming more serious and deforestation is increasing;
  • Food habits are changing considerably, for reasons of animal well-being and to combat climate change;
  • Dependence on fossil fuels is still very strong at different levels of the value chain (agriculture, agri-food processing, logistics, distribution, catering);
  • Agriculture must also be a solution to climate change, by transforming farming practices and by contributing to the development of carbon sinks.

Our assistance

Carbone 4 assists the actors of agriculture and agribusiness, from clarifying the challenges to building action plans. Here are some of the questions we help you to answer:

  • What is my carbon footprint and the energy dependence of my value chain, up and downstream, and of my products?
  • What changes will occur to the sector’s activities and markets in a world of +2 °C and in a world of +5, 6 or 7 °C?
  • What levers and tools can be used to improve CO2 sequestration in my cropping practices, thereby limiting GHG emissions?
  • How can I transform my supply chains so they become more sustainable and resilient in the face of climate change?