Adaptation of your organization to climate change (Ocara* method)

  • 15h of content
  • 1900€ before tax / person
  • Eligible for OPCO funding
  • The training recommendation rate is 4/5*
  • *Operational Climate Adaptation and Resilience Assessment
  • **Over 23 responses collected between March 2022 and December 2022

Objectives of the training

  • Integrate adaptation issues for companies across their value chain in the face of the physical impacts of climate change.
  • Master the operational analysis of your company's climate resilience, and implement an adaptation plan with the OCARA methodology developed by Carbone 4.

Adaptation, a crucial issue for companies

Extreme weather events are increasing in frequency and intensity. Floods, fires, heat waves, precipitation and droughts are disrupting human societies, but also the value chains of companies, which must anticipate and adapt to ensure they can absorb these shocks.

This training is for you if:
You want to acquire an in-depth knowledge of physical climate-related risks for businesses (drought, heat waves, floods...)
You want to bring this topic within your organization, and master the operational analysis approach OCARA (Operational Climate Adaptation and Resilience Assessment) to implement an adaptation strategy.