OCARA methodology


The « Business climate resilience - OCARA methodology » training course provides an overview of the issues related to corporate climate resilience and provides training in the use of the OCARA tool, a methodology that provides an analytical framework for companies to assess their level of resilience to climate change physical impacts.


  • Acquire a panoramic view of the issues related to resilience and adaptation to climate change.
  • Master the OCARA method and application tool, in order to analyze the climate resilience of your company and to develop an adaptation approach to the consequences of climate disruption.
  • Complete your experience with practical examples and case studies.

Training program

Session 1: Introduction to issues related to physical risks and adaptation for companies

Session 2: Understanding the OCARA methodology framework, its strengths, characteristics and objectives

Session 3: Understanding the application tool: how it works, the input and output data, its implementation, its applications

Session 4: Practical case study of the application of the methodology

Session 5: Q&A on your OCARA experience and perspectives on the implementation of the resilience approach as a whole


100% online.

5 sessions of 1h30 to 2h over a month and a half. 16 people maximum.


1200€ before tax/personne (eligible for OPCO funding).


For any question or registration, send an email to:



Access to the internet, speaking French, being in a room where you can easily speak out loud.

Updated in October 2021.

Who is the training for?

  • For people willing to understand the challenges of physical climate risks for companies, and the approaches to operational analyzes of climate resilience.
  • To risk management managers, HSE and QHSE managers from any sector.


8 hours.


To see the next sessions and register : visit the link.


Interactive training, based on case studies, delivered by the members of the “Resilience and Adaptation” Carbon 4 Practice.




People with disabilities are invited to contact us to discuss the possibility of participating in the training and, if necessary, to define the conditions of accessibility.

How to sign up

You can sign up to a training course up until a week before the beginning of the course, by filling up this form where you specify your expectations regarding the training.

If your expectations match the content of the training, you will receive a training contract that you have to sign and send back to validate your registration.