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This training program is designed for senior managers and leaders, as well as consultants, who want to understand both the impact of climate change on business, and the impact of business on climate change. It will provide them with the tools and frameworks to reimagine the way they do business to contribute to a lower carbon economy and adapt to climate change consequences.
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Objectives of the training

  • Gain an understanding of the climate emergency and the role you can play in addressing it from an organization’s perspective.
  • Master the fundamental knowledge to set any ambitious climate strategy : carbon footprint, carbon neutrality, physical and transition risks, adaptation, prospective analysis.


Module 1: Energy, climate and emotions

Module 2: Contributing to carbon neutrality

Module 3: Taking action after the training

Module 4: Physical and transition risks

Module 5 : Climate roadmap

Key metrics

150 participants already trained

95% of the participants feel better prepared to drive climate action within their organization

97% of the participants feel that they understand climate change related issues better


950€ before tax / person


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This training program is based on 15 years of Carbone 4 Consulting’s expertise and is delivered by Carbone 4 climate experts.

Going through practical work and case studies all throughout the training ensures a solid understanding of the content by all trainees.


Access to the internet, speaking French, being in a room where you can easily speak out loud. This training is Qualiopi certified.

Updated in October 2021.

This training is designed for you if :

  • You want to drive effective climate action within your organization.
  • You want to better understand the impact of climate change on organizations.
  • You want to learn how to assess your company’s carbon footprint and set up a plan to lower your organization’s carbon emissions.
  • You want to be able to assess the credibility of carbon neutrality commitments shared by companies.
  • You want to identify and manage the major climate physical risks your organization is exposed to.
  • You are wondering if achieving green economic growth is possible given the planet’s physical limits.


This training program is 18 hours long and taught over 5 weeks.


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9 hours of virtual classrooms on Zoom (5 sessions delivered by Carbone 4 climate experts).

9 hours of learning through online resources.

30 participants maximum in order to ensure high quality interactions.




People with disabilities are invited to contact us to discuss the possibility of participating in the training and, if need be, to define the conditions of accessibility.

How to enroll in our training program

  • In order to enroll in our training program, please fill in and detail your expectations on the registration form on