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Master the issues related to climate in organizations. Concrete examples and practical exercises from Carbone 4's experience. Essential reflexes to understand these issues within your organization. 18h of training over 5 weeks

Objectives of the training

  • Gain an understanding of the climate emergency and the role you can play in addressing it from an organization’s perspective.
  • Master the fundamental knowledge to set any ambitious climate strategy : carbon footprint, carbon neutrality, physical and transition risks, adaptation, prospective analysis.


Session 1: Energy, climate and emotions

Session 2: Contributing to carbon neutrality

Session 3: Taking action after the training

Session 4: Physical and transition risks

Session 5: Climate roadmap

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Key metrics

More than 200 participants already trained

95% of the participants feel better prepared to drive climate action within their organization

97% of the participants feel that they understand climate change related issues better

Price and financing methods


  • 1500€ HT per person for employees
  • 950€ HT per person for individuals

Financing methods:

  • Eligible for OPCO funding (ask your HR or training department)
  • Not eligible for CPF funding

This training is designed for you if:

  • You want to drive effective climate action within your organization.
  • You want to better understand the impact of climate change on organizations.
  • You want to learn how to assess your company’s carbon footprint and set up a plan to lower your organization’s carbon emissions.
  • You want to be able to assess the credibility of carbon neutrality commitments shared by companies.
  • You want to identify and manage the major climate physical risks your organization is exposed to.
  • You are wondering if achieving green economic growth is possible given the planet’s physical limits.


  • 9 hours of online resources: courses in video format, exercises, other resources (texts, reports, links, FAQ)
  • A collaborative space to ask questions, exchange between learners and with C4A staff
  • 9 hours of virtual classes (live exchange), on Zoom, focused on practical cases: live exercises, group workshops, discussions, feedback between peers
  • A "putting into action" thread to accompany you, from the beginning of the training, in the post-training period: once you are trained, what are you going to do?

The number of places per class is limited to 25 people in order to guarantee the quality of the exchanges and learning.

The training alternates between theoretical teaching elements and concrete examples drawn from the experience accumulated by Carbone 4 Conseil over the last 15 years. It includes exercises and practical cases so that you can acquire real operational autonomy.

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Practical information

Duration: 18 hours of contents around 5 main modules spread over 5 weeks.


Theoretical prerequisites: none.

Technical requirements: have a computer and a reliable internet connection.

Terms and conditions of access: To register for this training, simply fill out a registration form and fill in your expectations. If your expectations correspond to the training you wish to follow, you will receive by email within 5 working days an agreement or a training contract via SoWeSign for electronic signature. Your registration is only validated once you have signed your contract or training agreement, provided of course that places are still available.

Accessibility: People with disabilities are invited to contact us to discuss the possibility of participating in the training and, if necessary, to define the conditions of accessibility.

Language: French.

Contact: For any registration request, click on the "registration request" button below. If you need additional information, you can write to:

Qualiopi certified training. Updated in December 2022.