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This training program is designed for professionals that work for investment, financing and financial risk actors, as well as anyone wishing to further their knowledge on how to align financial objectives with climate objectives. This course will provide you with the tools and frameworks to understand how to build a climate strategy for a financial actor. Click here to join our next training session.


  • Gain a comprehensive overview of climate-related issues for financial actors.
  • Be able to perform a carbon risk analysis of an activity.
  • Identify the regulations that apply to financial institutions with respect to climate change.
  • Understand key metrics to build an investment strategy in line with the Paris Agreement.


Session 1: What role for finance in the fight against climate change?

Session 2: Practical case study on the analysis of financial risks related to climate change

Session 3: How is regulation evolving to structure climate finance action?

Session 4: Practical case study on the application of climate-finance regulations

Session 5: How to build an investment strategy in line with the Paris Agreement?

Session 6: Case study on the implementation of a climate investment strategy

Session 7: What metrics and tools are needed to monitor a climate investment strategy?

Session 8: Open discussion with Alain Grandjean (Carbone 4 Partner and member of the French High Council for the Climate)


12 hours of live virtual classrooms on Zoom (8 sessions delivered by Carbone 4 climate experts)

20 participants maximum in order to ensure high quality interactions


1500 € before tax / person


For any question or registration, send an email to :


Access to the internet, speaking French, being in a room where you can easily speak out loud.

This training is Qualiopi certified.

Updated in October 2021.

This training is designed for you if :

  • You want to drive effective climate action within your financial institution.
  • You want to identify and manage the major climate risks your organization is exposed to.
  • You want to learn how to assess a carbon footprint.
  • You want to be able to understand what is required to conform with climate finance regulations in your country.
  • You want to learn how to set an ambitious emission reduction target.


This training program is 12 hours long and taught over 4 weeks.


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This training program is based on 15 years of Carbone 4 Consulting’s expertise and is delivered by Carbone 4 climate experts.

Going through practical work and case studies all throughout the training ensures a solid understanding of the content by all trainees.



How to enroll in our training program ?

  • In order to enroll in our training program, please fill in and detail your expectations on the registration form on this page.
  • If the content of this training program matches your expectations, you will receive a training agreement to sign in order to validate your participation.


People with disabilities are invited to contact us to discuss the possibility of participating in the training and, if necessary, to define the conditions of accessibility.