Sustainable Supply Chain –Anticipating climate-related risks

  • 3-day face-to-face training course in Paris
  • In partnership with MGCM Academy, France's leading professional supply chain training organisation
  • Eligible for OPCO funding
  • Language: French

    Training objectives

    To enable decision-makers in industry to gain a practical understanding of the impact of climate change on their organisations, with a view to anticipating and devising new value chains that are more resilient, lower in emissions and therefore more competitive.

    Who is this course aimed at?

    Who is this course aimed at? This course is aimed at all decision-makers in industry: General Management, Financial Management, Supply Chain/Logistics Management, Industrial Management, Purchasing Management, Marketing & Sales Management, Project Managers & Consultants. The programme is aimed at all those who interact with the Supply Chain and who need to gain an expert understanding of the implications of climate risks on the value chain.