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16 juin 2020

Webinar - Aligning infrastructure portfolios with the Paris Agreement : new tool available!

On Thursday, 2nd of July, Carbone 4 and the 2-infra challenge initiative sponsors were happy to host a webinar about the new methodology on assessing infrastructure portfolio’s compatibility with a 2°C scenario. 

The webinar was co-organized with LTIIA (Long Term Infrastructure Investors Association). Agenda  

  • Welcome: François Bergere, LTIIA
  • Introduction: Carel Cronenberg, EBRD
  • Portfolio’s climate temperature methodology, Carbone 4
  • Q&A

About 2-infra challenge  To achieve the objectives of the Paris climate agreement, it is essential to redirect funding towards infrastructure that will enable the low carbon transition. The choices made in terms of infrastructure today are decisive for the amount of greenhouse gases that will be emitted by their use over decades after their construction. In addition, infrastructure is highly exposed to the risks raised by climate change, particularly physical risks and transition risks, which can lead to losses in value. To align their investment strategy with a 2-degree trajectory and to manage climate risks, infrastructure finance actors need operational and shared tools. In this context and with its rich experience, Carbone 4 has launched the "2-infra challenge" methodology, which will allow infrastructure investors and managers to answer two questions: •    Is my investment strategy aligned with the 2 degree objective and how to foster the correct trajectory to achieve this goal? •    To what extent are my assets exposed to climate risks including transition risks and physical risks? 


Download the guide