Hughes-Marie AULANIERSenior consultant

  • Corporate strategy
  • Raw materials markets
  • Electric mobility
  • Civil Engineer at Mines de Nancy
  • Sciences Po Paris, Master’s degree in Sciences and Environmental Policy

At Carbone 4, Hughes-Marie is a manager to assist companies in shifting their strategies towards a low-carbon path. He also takes action on climate change adaptation issues.

Before joining Carbone 4, Hughes-Marie worked for 4+ years at ERAMET, a French mining and metallurgical company. He belonged to the Strategy, Development and Financial Communication team, part of the CEO’s office. He has developed expertise in corporate strategy, in innovative industrial project development and in M&A.

Combining this experience with deep knowledge in climate-energy issues, he managed to raise climate change and decarbonization of the economy as key topics in ERAMET strategic thinking process.

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