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27 juin 2024

NZI for IT - Guidelines for the digital sector

The digital sector currently counts for 2.1% to 3.9% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and 2.5% of France's carbon footprint in 2020. The sector's emissions are rising steadily every year, and could increase by 45% between 2020 and 2030 if the trend remains unchanged. 

But the GHG emissions represent only part of the environmental impact of digital technology: the sector is exerting increasing pressure on mineral and fossil resources, water use and waste. Lastly, growing demand for electricity and non-recyclable critical metals could come into competition with the increased needs from the low-carbon transition. 

At the same time, the sector is sometimes promoted as a provider of solutions to the climate crisis, capable of reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of other sectors. This calls for a further investigation of the decarbonisation potential of digital technology and of the steps the sector should take to contribute to the net zero emissions objective.  

This is the reason why Carbone 4 has launched the NZI for IT project, which aims to guide companies in the digital sector through a progressive questioning process to help them assess the potential positive impacts and also the rebound effects of their solutions, and which was presented to you during this webinar. 

This work was carried out with the support of 9 corporate sponsors: Back Market, Bureau Veritas, Constellation, IJO, ISAI, OCTO Technology, Orange, OVH, Vusion Group. 

The webinar was presented in English by the Carbone 4 team: Benjamin Paulmier, Pierre Maquet and Zénon Vasselin.


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