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24 October 2016

medias-servicesAlthough it may seem that the services sector of the economy will be less affected by the energy transition than industry or energy companies, there is nonetheless much at stake, and also real opportunities for development. Since its inception Carbone 4 has worked with many service providers to identify fundamental issues related to energy and climate.

Media are faced with the growing news focus on energy and climate. How should these complex topics be addressed? What are the relevant indicators to be communicated in order to analyse the transition to a low carbon society?

Carbone 4 works with many media outlets to bolster understanding of the stakes and to define indicators to be monitored in the context of communication on the energy transition and efforts to combat climate change.

Actors in the sector


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Media companies

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Carbone 4 assists service companies as they set up their energy transition action:

  • What are the main emissions categories for the activity? How can emissions be reduced? (read more)
  • Where does my service stand in a low carbon world? What are the sources of innovation and opportunities for development? How vulnerable is my activity in a world subject to energy constraints? (Read more)
  • How will the activity be affected by the consequences of climate change? How can it be adapted?

Carbone 4 works with media companies to help them become outstanding examples when discussing energy and climate impacts, and helps them communicate on these topics:

  • What communication strategies can be deployed to address complex topics like energy and climate change? One example is the individual carbon footprint calculator developed in partnership with French broadcaster TF1.
  • How can employees be made more aware of energy and climate stakes and trained in these areas? (read more)
  • How can I shrink my carbon footprint and make my activity exemplary? (read more)

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